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Bridging Companies and Lenders in the UK offering bridging finance, bridging loans and short term finance in UK.


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Principal Bridging Loan Lenders

  • Affirmative Finance

    Affirmative Finance provide bridging finance and development loans quickly and with flexible terms, allowing them to provide tailored financial solutions.

  • Alternative Bridging Corporation

    Alternative Bridging Corporation are a provider of short-term bridging finance for the property development sector, both for commercial and residential.

  • Amicus PLC

    Amicus Finance PLC provide a wide range of financial services for property, commerce and individuals, and have a flexible portfolio of products.

  • Apex Bridging

    Apex Bridging are a specialist property development lender, and offer competitive rates, flexible terms and expert advice to property investors and developers.

  • Ashley Finance

    Ashley Commercial Finance are specialist lenders who provide flexible commercial finance solutions through bridging and invoice finance, as well as business loans

  • Aspen Bridging

    Bridging finance is an integral part of many businesses, and Aspen Bridging provides a selection of specialised bridging loan products to meet a variety of needs

  • Assured Property Finance

    Large-scale property development requires stable, secure finances in order to succeed, and Assured Property Finance provide dedicated loans for this sector

  • Avamore Capital

    Avamore Capital are a bridging finance specialist that offers bespoke loan packages to property developers and commercial customers in many different sectors

  • Barton Bridging Capital

    Barton Bridging Capital are a lender, not a broker, and provide finance for many purposes. Fast and flexible, they are able to offer decisions in a few days.

  • Bespoke Bridging Finance

    Bespoke Bridging Finance are a specialist provider of bridging loans who pride themselves on their ability to lend in situations where other lenders cannot

  • BiG Property Finance

    BiG Finance is a specialist provider of short-term loans for the property development industry, and enables growth through innovative lending strategies

  • Bishopsgate Funding

    Bishopsgate Funding is well known for providing a full range of fast, adaptable bridging finance for investment, speculation, development and construction.

  • BloomSmith

    The team at BloomSmith is dedicated to providing high-quality VAT bridging finance. They’re experts in the field, and provide a truly bespoke service.

  • BM Samuels

    BM Samuels specialise in short term bridging loans for the property development sector, offering FCA-accredited funding for commercial and residential properties.

  • Bridge Invest

    Bridge Invest delivers top-quality lending solutions for developers and investors, providing a rock-solid and reliable source of funding.

  • Bridging Finance Solutions

    Bridging Finance Solutions lenders who specialise in providing fast, reliable finance to residential clients and investors, emphasising speed and flexibility.

  • Bridging Funding

    Bridging Funding is a company dedicated to providing high-value loans with the skill, care and flexible approach that make bridging finance an ideal solution

  • Bridging VAT

    Bridging VAT specialises in providing high-quality VAT finance and recovery solutions, and is dedicated to delivering a fast and reliable set of services.

  • Castle Trust

    Castle Trust offer a wide range of loan products to the market, including dedicated development and mezzanine finance packages as well as a variety of mortgages

  • Central Bridging

    Central Bridging are a bridging finance provider with access to their own funds and underwriter, and with an established track record of successful lending.

  • Century Capital

    Century Capital are a bespoke lender who specialise in providing high-speed finance, and pride themselves on adapting their loans to suit their customers.

  • Charterbank Capital

    Charterbank Capital specialise in creating bespoke bridging loan packages that meet the needs business owners across a wide spectrum of different industries

  • Commercial Acceptances

    Commercial Acceptances are a principal lender and provider of unregulated fast short-term finance for residential and commercial property.

  • Devon and Cornwall Securities

    Devon & Cornwall Securities. provide high quality financial solutions all over the country, offering excellent flexibility and a truly personal approach.

  • FBSE Finance

    FBSE Finance are a well-rounded provider of financial solutions for residential clients and SMEs, and emphasise their flexibility and willingness to adapt.

  • Fiduciam

    Fiduciam offers bespoke lending services for development, commercial and rental clients, and their team emphasises the importance of personal relationships.

  • Fincorp

    Fincorp are a specialist lender who provide residential finance for individual investors and businesses, for purchase and for refurbishment.

  • Funding 365

    Funding 365 is renowned for its low rates, personal service and speed of processing for unregulated residential and commercial bridging solutions.

  • Glenhawk

    Glenhawk provides a full range of bridging loan products from auction and refurbishment to development, and is committed to providing top-tier service.

  • Goldentree Financial Services

    Goldentree Financial Services are a highly flexible principal lender in the short term finances market, providing swift and reliable funds to their clients

  • Greenfield Capital

    With over 60 years of combined experience in fast-paced finances, Greenfield Capital is well-placed to offer high quality bridging loans for a variety of needs

  • Hampshire Trust Bank PLC

    Hampshire Trust Bank PLC provide a wide range of services to consumers, including high-value property development finance for residential and commercial use.

  • Helmsley Group

    Few development financiers can boast the intimate understanding that Helmsley Group has; as a developer themselves, they truly appreciate their clients’ needs.

  • Henley Finance

    The services provided by Henley Finance are specifically designed to meet the needs of various property investors and developers as well as commercial clients.

  • Heritage Commercial Finance

    Heritage Commercial Finance have specialised in creating high-quality bridging loans that fulfil the needs of investors and developers across the UK

  • Hertford Solutions LLP

    Hertford Solutions LLP are a non-status principal lender who provide financial solutions exclusively to commercial borrowers, for a variety of applications.

  • Holme Finance Bridging Solutions

    Holme Finance Bridging Solutions practises “bridging made simple” by reducing the hoops their clients must jump through.

  • Hope Capital

    Hope Capital are a highly flexible principal lender, and are able to meet the many different requirements of clients who require bridging finance.

  • InterBay Commercial

    Interbay Commercial provides specialised lending solutions for real estate purchases as well as bridging, commercial and semi-commercial finance options.

  • Invest and Fund

    Invest & Fund is an alternative property finance platform focusing exclusively on residential bridging and development finance in England and Wales.

  • Jumbo Bridging

    Jumbo Bridging is a provider of high-level bridging finance to the private and commercial sectors, enabling developers to expand quickly and reliably

  • Just Bridging

    Just Bridging focuses on providing a stable and secure financial solution for a wide range of business purposes, with an emphasis on meeting commercial needs

  • Kleinwort Hambros

    Kleinwort Hambros is a private bank owned offering financial services from offices throughout the United Kingdom and Channel Islands.

  • Kuflink

    Bridging lender Kuflink specialises in the fast provision of short-term finance to a variety of businesses, through their innovative P2P funding model.

  • LendInvest

    LendInvest is a smart way to finance development projects, providing funds through an innovative peer-to-peer lending platform that offers flexible products.

  • London Credit

    London Credit delivers excellent quality loans to the property development and investment market, as well as offering investors an excellent rate of return.

  • Lowry Capital

    Lowry Capital offers a range of lending products to the commercial and private market, specialising in bespoke finance solutions for bespoke customers

  • Market Financial Solutions

    Market Financial Solutions are a fast-growing principal lender, and provide a wide range of lending products that can be adapted to meet each borrower’s needs.

  • Masthaven Bank

    Masthaven Bank provide high-speed finance for a wide variety of purposes, and emphasise their commitment to personal service for every customer.

  • Mint Bridging

    Mint Bridging are a fresh and flexible finance provider who offer a specialised range of products designed to help developers and investors of all sizes expand.

  • MT Finance

    MT Finance are a hardworking lender within the bridging industry, and provide funding for clients who need flexible and reliable financial solutions.

  • Oakbridge

    Oakbridge Financial Services are experienced lenders in the bridging finance sector and offer financial solutions for both personal and commercial requirements.

  • Oblix Capital

    Oblix Capital is a tightly-knit organisation of lending experts which offers bridging finance for a variety of investment and real estate development purposes.

  • Octopus Property

    As a provider of finance for both the commercial and residential sector, Octopus can claim to offer products to suit almost any borrower and their needs.

  • Ortus Secured Finance

    Specialists in providing finance for pubs, Ortus Secured Finance are fast and flexible lender providing bespoke financial solutions to meet a variety of needs

  • Peninsula Finance PLC

    Peninsula Finance is a top-level bridging lender providing regulated loans for residential property as well as bridges for commercial and investment purposes

  • Pivot

    Pivot is a lender that offers high-quality bridging products across the entire short term lending spectrum, including residential, commercial and development.

  • Portman Finance

    Portman Finance provide a wide range of financial tools for the commercial and real estate development sector geared to professional borrowers and developers

  • Precise Mortgages

    Precise Mortgages provide homeowners and investors alike with sound, flexible financial products that can be tailored to meet their particular needs.

  • Pure Bridging

    Pure Bridging are principal lenders who provide high-value loans for a variety of client requirements, mostly targeted to property investment and development

  • Regentsmead

    Regentsmead are a specialist property development lender who focus on providing high-quality financial products to the private residential construction sector.

  • Reward Finance Group

    Reward Finance Group provide financial solutions for large and small businesses, providing flexible options for businesses to expand beyond their cash flow

  • Roma Finance

    Roma Finance is a flexible and reliable lender that offers bridging finance products to both the private investor and the property development sectors.

  • Seneca Bridging

    Seneca Bridging specialises in providing tailored lending solutions to property developers throughout the commercial and residential property investment market

  • Shawbrook Bank

    Shawbrook Bank providef inancial services to both the commercial and residential sectors, with products covering many different areas including bridging loans

  • Signature Private Finance

    Signature Private Finance is a principal lender operating in the commercial and residential lending sectors, with products available for many purposes.

  • The Bridgecrowd

    Part of the new wave of innovative peer-to-peer lending, The Bridgecrowd is a specialised bridging lender offering loans for private and commercial purposes

  • The House Crowd

    The House Crowd is a highly innovative peer-to-peer bridging finance platform that enables borrowers to access flexible, high-quality lending

  • The Route - Finance

    Using pre-mandated Member funds, The Route - Finance offers SMEs prompt initial decisions on secured bridging loan proposals with a certainty of outcome.

  • Together

    Together is a lender that provides both commercial borrowers and investors with the tools they need to kick-start their projects and keep them running successfully

  • Tower Bridging

    Tower Bridging is a lender in the bridging finance sector that offers loans of all sizes to both individuals and small enterprises for a variety of needs.

  • UK Agricultural Finance

    UK Agricultural Bridging Finance is a specialist lender to the agricultural and farm finance sector, providing traditional, responsible lending to farmers.

  • Ultimate Capital

    Ultimate Capital is a principal lender operating in the property development finance sector, providing bridging loans and funding for projects of all sizes

  • United Trust Bank

    United Trust Bank is a bridging and development finance lender which provides products for commercial and private investors of almost any size and purpose


    VATBRIDGE is a specialised VAT bridging lender that offers excellent VAT finance and recovery solutions, particularly within the commercial real estate sector

  • Vitvo

    Vitvo is a bridging finance provider which focuses on providing highly adaptable bridging loans for the light and heavy refurbishment of residential properties

  • West One Loans

    West One Loans is a bridging finance lender that specialises in providing loans to the residential, commercial and buy-to-let property investment sectors

  • Zorin Finance

    Zorin Finance is a bridging lender which specialises in high-value loans for private investors or commercial property developers, with an emphasis on quality

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