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  • VAT Bridging Loans for commercial property

    Are you planning to purchase commercial property? Perhaps you’ve already committed to buying one, and have just found out that you’ll need to pay VAT on it? A VAT bridge can be an easy way to avoid the difficulties of a big bill, but it’s i…

    23 March 2020

  • Borrowing money against your business - a beginner’s guide

    Every business needs to be able to borrow money, as few companies have much capital on hand when they need it due to growth and reinvestment back into their companies. That means it’s essential to have access to options for borrowing money…

    23 March 2020

  • The ultimate guide to farm finance

    Why farmers are diversifying to generate income from their farms? Rural communities around the UK have been looking at ways to diversify their income. This has been driven by the continuing uncertainty over Brexit, leading the agricultural…

    03 August 2018

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