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A respected UK real estate investor and bespoke provider of bridging and development finance who offer relationship lending in its purest form.

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Established in 1956, Coldunell has been providing fast, flexible, bridging finance to property developers, investors, and traders for over 60 years. They are property experts who understand the many challenges of the market and have built a strong reputation for providing fast and competitive financial solutions. Direct engagement by the experienced Coldunell team from a very early stage ensures that every loan is individually tailored to the unique requirements of each borrower.

Specialising in both commercial and residential property, mixed use and land for both investors and developers, Coldunell focus strongly on London and the South of England. As real estate investors themselves, they implicitly understand all aspects of their client’s businesses and projects. It is for this reason that the Coldunell team wins massive volumes of repeat business from an extremely loyal customer base. Their standard bridging loans are lent for acquisition, auction, development, refurbishment, planning gain, refinance, strategic. exit and even VAT purposes. For development they will look at light and heavy refurbishment through to ground-up.

Now in its 3rd generation as a family business, all applications are immediately reviewed by the chief operating officers of Coldunell Finance, with re-engagement the same day. Thereafter the teams highly personalised service will include site visits to assess the security in person, which can sometimes mean that red book valuations are not required. With Coldunell being 100% self-funded and having no investors to please this is undoubtedly relationship lending in its purest form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a development finance used for?

Development finance can be offered against both residential and commercial property. Development loans are designed to help developers fund refurbishments, renovations, or conversions of existing property or to build brand new properties on a ground-up basis.

What are the key areas of development finance?

Development finance can be used for new build projects, commercial and residential developments, renovations, conversions or for the redevelopment of existing properties. Loans can be used for a vast range of different property types.

How do you determine exactly what type of development finance you need?

By assessing how extensive the project is, how long it is likely to take and how much it is likely to cost in a worst and indeed a best-case scenario. Refurbishment bridging loans will cover a majority of light and heavy refurbishment projects but for more extensive development projects including ground-up builds of one or indeed multiple units, development finance can potentially cover both the land purchase and build costs

When is a development classed as finished?

A development scheme is usually classed as finished when the developer has received the Practical Completion Certificates.

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