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Holme Finance Bridging Solutions practises “bridging made simple” by reducing the hoops their clients must jump through - this makes lending easy, simple, and more affordable

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Max term

5k - 250k

Min/Max Loan

1st, 2nd & 3rd


Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (HFBS) is one of the few bridging lenders who actively commit themselves to a simple, straightforward approach. They do this by focusing on a very select area of the market and streamlining their processes to provide clarity and transparency to their customers.

HFBS pride themselves on requiring little to no outside input when approving a loan - valuations are established through the use of existing sales data and visual inspections, and the use of solicitors is kept to a minimum (or removed entirely, where possible).

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions also keep paperwork to a minimum, and is committed to providing a personal, approachable borrowing experience. Applicants often receive a personal visit from Holme Bridging Finance themselves in order to finalise their application, and are given the company director’s personal contact number for out-of-hours communications (though as their website notes, calling at 3am is unlikely to result in a productive conversation).

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions provide a personal approach that is too often lost in bridging finance, and because this lender works exclusively with private funds they are able to act independently of any external investors; they make the decisions, and work with their clients to create the perfect lending solution.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan secured against property. It allows you or your business to “bridge a gap” until either longer-term finance can be arranged, or the underlying security or other assets can be sold.

What is commercial bridging finance?

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