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Founded in 2009 as an unregulated fund, the Maslow team initially specialised in mezzanine finance, focussing on assisting developers and banks to bring part-built residential developments to completion at a time when funding and liquidity was extremely scarce. As the market and economy slowly recovered from the Credit Crunch Maslow have expanded and developed their product range and funding capabilities to cement their position as one of the leading and most innovative providers of development finance.

In 2016, Maslow Capital partnered with Sixth Street, a leading global investment business with over $50bn in assets under management. Together, the Maslow team and Sixth Street have funded over £2.4bn of real estate projects amounting to over 6.3m square feet. To compliment Sixth Street, 2020 saw Maslow agree partnership terms with M&G Investments who have £339 billion of assets under management. With the support of these two, massive institutional partners Maslow Capital has a unique capability to deliver on its overall mission of financing the delivery of much needed housing right across the UK but crucially to do so in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Working with professional developers right across the UK Maslow have a strong focus on purpose-built student accommodation, co-living, build-to-rent, residential and retirement living with dedicated lending desks that understand the intricacies of each real estate asset class. As a result, borrowers can be assured that they will be fully supported by a highly experienced team throughout the entire length of the relationship. Not only do Maslow strive to deliver for their borrowers though but they also work with them to deliver the very best results for the environment in terms of sustainability. Their focus on ESG impacts is strong as befits the B&C Development Lender of the Year (£10m plus category) 2019 and 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a development finance used for?

Development finance can be offered against both residential and commercial property. Development loans are designed to help developers fund refurbishments, renovations, or conversions of existing property or to build brand new properties on a ground-up basis.

What are the key areas of development finance?

Development finance can be used for new build projects, commercial and residential developments, renovations, conversions or for the redevelopment of existing properties. Loans can be used for a vast range of different property types.

How do you determine exactly what type of development finance you need?

By assessing how extensive the project is, how long it is likely to take and how much it is likely to cost in a worst and indeed a best-case scenario. Refurbishment bridging loans will cover a majority of light and heavy refurbishment projects but for more extensive development projects including ground-up builds of one or indeed multiple units, development finance can potentially cover both the land purchase and build costs

How much can I borrow on a development finance loan?

Loans generally range from £25,000 to many millions depending on the size and complexity of the planned development. The amount that can be borrowed depends on the strength of the development proposition, the location, the potential profits, the perceived risks and of course ultimately on the lenders risk appetite.   

When is a development classed as finished?

A development scheme is usually classed as finished when the developer has received the Practical Completion Certificates.

What is mezzanine funding?

Mezzanine funding is a method of raising additional finance for development projects. Most of the funds for a development will typically be provided by one main lender but a top up to finish a development can sometimes be obtained from specialist mezzanine lenders and the developer themselves. In these circumstances the mezzanine lender will take a 2nd charge behind the main lenders 1st charge.

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