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Funding 365 is renowned for its low rates, personal service and speed of processing for unregulated residential and commercial bridging solutions across England and Wales.

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One of the key benefits of bridging finance is that it is incredibly flexible; short-term loans can be used for any number of applications, and it permits borrowers to operate quickly and decisively. Funding 365 are one of the lenders in this field who specialise in high-value loans at a fair price, and emphasise their commitment to honesty and transparency. The fee structure of a Funding 365 loan is very simple, and they discard many of the hidden charges associated with many other lenders; they offer rebated interest on early repayments and work with their clients to find the best possible solution.

Loans are available for Funding 365 for a variety of applications, including residential and commercial bridging. Finance of this type is sometimes required in a very short timeframe, and Funding 365 list several case studies where they’ve supplied their clients with finance at short notice; as much as £7.5m in just 3 days. In addition, Funding 365 also provides finance for the purchase of “short lease” property, which is often vitally important for developers; these properties can often be bought for a bargain price but are hard to finance, so the option to borrow with Funding 365 is invaluable.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan secured against property. It allows you or your business to “bridge a gap” until either longer-term finance can be arranged, or the underlying security or other assets can be sold.

What is commercial bridging finance?

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