Mint Bridging MD Andrew Lazare says appointment of underwriter Samantha Herd highlights expansion

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Mint Bridging MD Andrew Lazare has reiterated the company's commitment to customer service following the appointment of underwriter Samantha Herd.

Samantha has become the 30th Mint Bridging employee and highlights the firm's ambitious expansion with "the paramount focus on developing their sales and underwriting teams, this pre-meditated objective is aligned with the company’s structure of exceeding customer expectations by offering only handcrafted loans".

And Andrew explains: “Our focus is now on developing our sales and underwriting teams, that aligns with our business plans to provide 100% handcrafted loans for every borrowers needs across England and Wales.

"It’s vital that we continue to maintain our high levels of customer service for increased referral and lending activities, while strengthening our broker relationships.”

Samantha has joined Mint from Bridgebank Capital. And her 10 years of property and underwriting experience is proving to be a valuable asset, it says, "since the company is taking on more complex and unique loan enquiries. A result of this scaling is from Mint aggressively growing their legal, underwriting, credit control, quantity surveyor and BDM divisions, providing clients a full, in-house service throughout the complete loan term". 

Mint offers "uniquely structured" short term bridging loans, up to £5million, to be used towards property purchases, refinance or development projects. As the business is privately funded, lending decisions are "not dictated by third party financiers, resulting in their niche brand strategy generating faster loan conversions that justify the employee growth". 

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