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Brian West

15 December 2020 10:41 GMT

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Tower Street Finance (TSF) and have announced an exciting new partnership agreement for 2021.

Inheritance lending specialists Tower Street offer accessible financial products for inheritance beneficiaries, executors of estates and administrators., a digitally enhanced, independent information resource will help individuals and companies source the most suitable short-term funding and launches officially on Christmas Eve.

Having worked together on several initiatives over recent months both companies felt the time was right to take their relationship to the next level. Consequently, their new partnership agreement comes into effect immediately with campaigns planned for early in the new year. sales director, Alex Ewen, states:

“We are thrilled to announce that Tower Street Finance will be our first Strategic Lender Partner. The management team at Tower have huge experience and a passion for delivering unique and innovative inheritance products to circumvent the length of the probate process.

Their Inheritance Advance product was the first of its kind to enable beneficiaries to get access to a large proportion of their inheritance much sooner than would normally be the case. They have now added to this with their IHT Loan which is helping executors where there is an Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability to pay but no funds available.

Both products are innovative, simple to understand and transparent. Put simply, they are game changers in the probate space and we’re excited to be partnering with them."

With one in three Brits relying on inheritance to improve their lives and the probate process often long and complicated Tower Street Finance solutions have very quickly established a market leading reputation. This success owes much to the extensive market research they conducted with probate practitioners, executors and beneficiaries prior to launch.

Incorporating this feedback into both products and processes and working closely with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Tower Street Finance have produced unique solutions that reflect their desire to help all parties, but most particularly beneficiaries, at what can be a very upsetting and difficult time.

Tower Street Finance Business Development Director, Dicky Davies, played a pivotal role in designing these products and has been working closely with the management team at for several months now. Dicky is looking forward to taking the relationship with to a whole new level. He states:

" is part of the wider Falbros Group which owns over 500 websites, a 1000 domain names and over a million pages of content in google alone. With over 12% of google market share across financial services and a projected 40% share of bridging by the end of 2021 the attraction for TSF is obvious.

It has become apparent to us that is much more than just a brilliant domain name! Even prior to the official launch of the site it is achieving multiple top rankings on google thanks in no small measure to the digital acumen of the team.

They have already been able to generate significant numbers of high-quality leads for us, many of which have successfully converted and all this before they have even officially launched.

The enormous potential in 2021 to build both our media profile and lead generation strategies with made the decision to strategically partner with them a very easy one.”

Similarly, for the team, it’s clear that Tower Street Finance's desire to simplify what can often be a complex and protracted process by providing relevant, accessible financial products and support marks them out from their competitors.

Both companies are incredibly well placed to succeed in 2021 which makes the prospect of their pending joint ventures and partnership even more tantalising. As the old saying goes, “Watch this space!”

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