New ASTL executive committee will work to raise standards, says CEO Benson Hersch

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Benson Hersch, CEO of the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL), says he is confident that the new executive committee will continue to work to raise standards.

Benson Hersch

Mr Hersch was speaking as the ASTL announced its new board, which will take effect as of the 1st September. The board will continue to comprise seven directors who will act as a "guiding influence, while providing direction and decision making to the association".

Joining Mr Hirsch, will be six additional board members: Adrian Bloomfield (Barton Bridging Capital), Brian West (Central Bridging), Emma Ryan (Amicus Finance Plc), Gavin Diamond (UTB), James Bloom (Masthaven Bank) and Scott Marshall (Roma Finance).

And Mr Hirsch said: “I am confident that the new executive committee will continue to work to raise standards within the ASTL and its wider membership, while also increasing awareness of the value of bridging while and the short term secured lending market.

“I would like to say a special thank you to Jonathan Sealey, CEO of Hope Capital, and Jon Hall, managing director at Masthaven, who have served on the committee for the past two years.

"Their continued commitment and support has helped the association to grow to record membership levels.”

Due to the membership’s rules, all members of the committee, except the CEO, have to retire after serving a maximum of two years. Every year, those interested in taking up the available spaces on the committee, put their names forward and are then democratically elected by the ASTL’s wider membership.

On this occasion as the committee was short of one member, Scott Marshall of Roma Finance has agreed to remain on the board for an additional year even though he has already completed his statutory two-year stint.

The membership currently stands at 37 members and 30 associate members the highest it has ever achieved.

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