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Conrad Capital have launched ground-breaking, asset-backed bridging loans that will be secured exclusively against luxury assets allowing clients access to working capital.

The new facility -- which ranges from £1million to £25million -- is, says the business, designed to allow clients to achieve their goals without having to rely on traditional bank funding sources or property.

The company says that the assets which they deem to be acceptable for the loans include gems and jewellery, bullion, US treasury certificates and UK gilts.

A spokesman explained that the business is delighted to be able to offer these unique bridging loans and says the bespoke nature of what is available should be one with plenty of appeal.

“As you would expect from Conrad our process is seamless, tailored precisely to the needs of our clients and completely discreet,” he added. “Clients can unlock the value of their personal assets quickly and effectively. Following an initial asset suitability check, we will move rapidly to arrange a valuation whilst concurrently agreeing a logistical and storage plan with the client.

Terms will then be offered and subject to their acceptance, signing and the client receiving independent legal advice the asset or assets will be taken into storage and the funds released.”

“We have the skills knowledge and expert partners needed to complete these unique loans quickly and crucially, once redeemed, we will ensure the assets are returned to the client equally quickly and efficiently.”

Conrad Capital's innovative new way of offering bridging loans will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the business and its reputation. Explaining a bit more about the group and the practices it undertakes, a spokesman added:

“Alongside our core lending and investment proposition we also run an independent, multi-family office based in London offering personal and confidential services to high and ultra-high net-worth national and international clients.

“Our clients are busy people whose personal assets and family affairs are often complex and time-consuming. By providing them with expert advice and proactive solutions in all aspects of lifestyles that we live ourselves, we are able to help with the multiple issues that confront them every day, whilst keeping a longer-term focus on preserving and growing their wealth.

“Known for our integrity and synonymous with success, people are at the core of what we do. Working with outstanding professionals and trusted partners from across the globe we aim to provide a truly exemplary service for all our clients' needs, thereby ensuring they leave a rich legacy.

We help developed a long-term wealth preservation strategy that balances the demands of now with the ambitions of the future. We have a deep understanding of our markets, a long-term and sustainable approach to investment and pride ourselves on knowing the precise dynamics that drive each of our clients.”

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