Bridging that gap! Sancus UK enjoys success after launch as property finance solution

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Sancus UK's Peter Hudson believes the firm may well be the best kept secret in bridging and development finance.

Sancus launched its UK property finance solution in April this year and have already written £39m in bridging and development loans since then.

By working closely with a small number of introducers, they says they have been able to provide fast and effective solutions which satisfies their clients requirements. They say their "appetite for lending, the quality of our service and the personal support we provide to our introducers has helped us achieve this excellent start".

Sancus specialises in providing finance solutions from £500k to £30m across multiple countries – Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and now the UK. In addition to this Sancus has already earned themselves a credible reputation as specialists in working capital finance, supply chain finance and education finance to a diverse set of industries and across a range of situations in the UK.

The company's Peter Hudson says the strategy is intent on remaining lean and nimble, embracing the "ability to react to proposals in minutes rather than days as well as ensuring we deliver firm offers to clients within three days. It is this focus on service which is delivering such a positive response from our introducers.

"Moving forward, we are now in a position to support an additional number of introducers. Our current introducer panel ranges from one of the largest packagers in the UK to independent development specialists and wealth managers.

"Our panel includes some of the best firms in the market, who recognise the importance of trusting their clients to professional funders who they know will deliver."

Alex is an experienced finance broker having worked for the 3 top London finance companies. Having been involved in finance over the last 20 years he has a huge amount of knowledge and is the co-founder of Falbros – one of the leading international finance houses.

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