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Zorin Finance is a bridging lender which specialises in high-value loans for private investors or commercial property developers, with an emphasis on quality

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Zorin Finance is a lender which specialises in offering bridging finance packages for high-value properties and development projects. What sets them apart from most other lenders is their 360° understanding of the property development sector; many of Zorin Finance’s staff have successfully completed their own property development projects, and use this expertise to help their clients create the perfect financial solution for their own projects.

In addition to their deep understanding of customer needs, Zorin Finance also empowers their customers through the use of a bespoke loan management platform. This access provides borrowers with all the key information they need to make informed decisions and get “hands-on” with the numbers. Giving customers this level of transparency is part of Zorin Finance’s commitment to giving customers an all-round better service than they would receive from a bank.

This commitment is further reflected in Zorin Finance’s attitude towards the terms necessary for approving a loan application. Their ability to adapt to the needs of a particular project lets their borrowers pick the loan that suits them, instead of having to meet the conditions of strict lending criteria. This combination of bespoke service, excellent terms and top-notch expertise makes Zorin Finance an attractive lender.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan secured against property. It allows you or your business to “bridge a gap” until either longer-term finance can be arranged, or the underlying security or other assets can be sold.

What is commercial bridging finance?

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