VATBRIDGE is a specialised VAT bridging lender that offers excellent VAT finance and recovery solutions, particularly within the commercial real estate sector


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VAT expenses can be difficult to overcome. The time required to recover VAT costs from HMRC can make a serious dent in an investor or developer’s cashflow, and few businesses have the specialised skillset necessary to quickly handle VAT recovery. This is where VATBRIDGE comes in. As a specialist provider of VAT bridging loans, VATBRIDGE is perfectly positioned to provide a fast, reliable service for covering the costs of VAT on a property purchase.

VATbridge offers VAT finance solutions to all areas of the market, but their speciality is funding for commercial real estate purchases. They’re the market leader in this area, offering true value to clients from full-scale developers to small and medium sized enterprises.

A big part of VATBRIDGE’s approach is offering a fully managed solution. Few investors have the time or inclination to deal with HMRC themselves, and the ability to hand things over to VATBRIDGE is highly attractive. Thanks to their long experience of recovering VAT fees on real estate purchases, VATBRIDGE is able to resolve their clients’ cashflow issues in a short space of time. This lets investors and developers get on with what they do best, safe in the knowledge that VATBRIDGE has them covered.

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1m- 3m

Min/Max Loan

£50k - £5m


100% VAT

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Lending in England, Scotland & Wales. Arrangement Fee 1%-5%. No Exit Fee

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