One of the safest peer-to-peer lending platforms around, Proplend offers commercial finance opportunities for income-generating property in Wales and England.


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Today’s investment landscape demands innovative answers. Proplend provides the perfect way for investors to secure healthy returns in a challenging investment climate, while still remaining financially agile. Centred around commercial finance, Proplend provides a range of financial instruments to their clients. With the flexibility to create a portfolio matching their specific needs, Proplend’s diverse product range is ideal for the modern investment world.

Modern commercial finance solutions

Proplend is one of the world’s safest peer-to-peer investment platforms, and offers investors an easy and safe way to generate a return. Loans are made against income-producing commercial property in England and Wales. This debt is then used to create a wide variety of attractive financial products, suitable for many different types of investors.

Investing through Proplend

This online finance platform offers three varieties of investment plan, suiting all manner of risk appetites. Investors can balance their investments towards resilience or growth, or opt for a strategy that incorporates elements of both. In addition, investors can either manually choose the opportunities they finance, or leave it in the hands of Proplend’s auto-lend feature. This caters to both hands-on and hands-off investment styles.

Savings and pension products

Proplend generates additional value for clients by providing a set of long-term investment products. Proplend’s ISAs enable investors to generate tax-privileged income, benefitting from the inflation-beating rates Proplend can achieve. Pension products such as the SIPP and SSAS allow long-term savings to accrue, enabling investors to build a healthy pension pot for later life.

Choosing to invest through Proplend

In today’s investment environment it can be very challenging to achieve healthy interest rates. Peer-to-peer finance platforms such as Proplend have become a hugely powerful tool for investors and savers alike, enabling them to generate returns far above those offered by traditional investment options.

Proplend is not a lender, and acts as an intermediary between individual lenders and borrowers. As such, there is no FSCS protection, and investors should understand the potential risks involved with lending. However, Proplend provides a powerful suite of tools for managing risk, and allows investors to pick the ideal mix of risk and reward to suit their objectives.

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