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BM Samuels specialise in short term bridging loans for the property development sector, offering FCA-accredited funding for commercial and residential properties.


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There are very few financial organisations in the UK that can boast a long track record of success, but BM Samuels is one of them. Having been present at the very beginning of the bridging finance industry, the lender has grown and emerged as one of the few long-running bridging lenders in the UK today. This has been achieved by offering high quality core value services, focusing mainly on the provision of bridging finance for short-term property development. By identifying their specialist market, BM Samuels has been able to refine their services to an exceptional level.

The forms of finance that BM Samuels offer can be used for many different purposes, and they provide loans for property development, personal residential bridging, debt refinance, auction purchases and commercial capital-raising. This demonstrates the flexibility of terms that BM Samuels offers, and their ability to provide excellent financial products to meet a wide variety of requirements; their website is full of case studies where BM Samuels has turned around finance in a short period of time to save deals at the eleventh hour. Though there are many upstart lenders in the market today, the expertise and experience of BM Samuels makes them tough to beat.

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