Agricultural Finance

Farmers and landowners need to know that they have a secure and stable form of funding, and agricultural finance is key to establishing a successful farm

Agricultural finance

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In the world of agriculture, there are few certainties; while this business is the oldest in the world, there are still many factors at play that can make one year drastically different from the next. Because there can be so much fluctuation, landowners and farmers need to have a stable and well-balanced financial solution in place that allows them to make hay while the sun shines, whilst also weathering any financial storms that come along. Agricultural finance is available for a wide variety of purposes, and is able to meet the needs of farmers who need to make the most of their land.

Although agricultural finance comes in many different varieties, it’s important to remember that it is always, at its core, a loan. Borrowers will need to fully appreciate the responsibilities they have when taking on any sort of financial product, and should consult an experienced financial advisor to ensure that their chosen finance option is the right one for them.

The Need For Agricultural Finance

With any business there’s a need for financial backup; whether you’re selling cars, building houses or importing household goods, you need to be financially agile in order to meet the prevailing needs of your business. In agriculture this is even more important, because production of foodstuffs and crops is subject to a whole host of environmental as well as commercial factors. When yields can vary from one year to the next, farmers need to know that they’re not backed into a corner and can still make use of flexible financial solutions to keep their farm on track.

There are many different situations in which agricultural finance might prove necessary, and we’ve highlighted the most popular of these below. Understanding what the needs of farmers are demonstrates how vital farming finance is to the continued wellbeing of the UK’s farmers.

Common Uses Of Agricultural Finance

  • Overview

    Farmers and landowners need to know that they have a secure and stable form of funding, and agricultural finance is key to establishing a successful farm

  • Diversification

    A diverse farm is a resilient farm, and farmers benefit from investment in alternate revenue streams - bridging loans are vital to secure expansion.

  • Farm Finance

    Farming is a difficult business, and farmers need to have a finance plan in place that enables them to expand and invest easily from year to year

  • Generational Transfers

    Passing wealth and assets from one generation to the next is the primary concern of many landowners, and farmers stand to benefit from bridging finance

  • Livestock

    Farmers need a flexible source of funding that can help them grow and bridging loans for agricultural livestock finance are an ideal solution

  • Property

    Expanding a farm’s real estate is important and helps generate agricultural expansion. Bridging loans are useful for financing property purchases

  • Purchase of Land

    It can be tough for farmers to raise capital in order to purchase new land, but agricultural finance lenders can arrange flexible solutions.

  • Recovery & Restructure

    Agriculture is an unpredictable business which can have good and bad years. Recovery and restructure finance helps farmers get back on their feet when necessary

  • Renewable Energy

    Investing in renewable energy generates income from farmers land with minimal effort, and bridging finance is available to help farmers go green.

  • Tenancy Right to Buy

    Farmers with the option to purchase their land may struggle to raise the necessary capital; fast and flexible bridging finance can help to make this possible

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