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Seneca Bridging specialises in providing tailored lending solutions to property developers throughout the commercial and residential property investment market

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50k - 2m

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1st & 2nd


Seneca Bridging offers a wide array of commercial and residential bridging loan products, including finance for development and refurbishment of property. Because Seneca Bridging isn’t restricted by the same criteria as mainstream banks, this lender is able to offer a highly adaptable and responsive lending strategy that puts clients first, rather than forcing them to meet strict criteria. This means that Seneca Bridging’s loans are typically more adaptable and appropriate for a wider variety of borrowers than those on offer from other lenders.

Seneca Bridging provides loans to meet a variety of needs, including commercial investment. Large-scale finance is also available in the form of development finance, which allows property developers to act quickly when securing new real estate; the ability to move swiftly and decisively is crucial to success in this highly competitive sector, so the services of Seneca Bridging are vital for property developers.

The terms on offer from Seneca Bridging can be altered to suit the needs of different clients because this lender appreciates the need to accommodate the subtleties of each individual situation. Seneca Bridging offers clients top-level service and adaptability in a highly flexible, highly competitive package that’s well-suited to the demands of modern commerce.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan secured against property. It allows you or your business to “bridge a gap” until either longer-term finance can be arranged, or the underlying security or other assets can be sold.

What is commercial bridging finance?

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